90 Linux Commands frequently used by Linux Sysadmins

There are well over 100 Unix commands shared by the Linux kernel and other Unix-like operating systems. If you are interested in the commands frequently used by Linux sysadmins and power users, you’ve come to the place. Recently, I published a five-part series covering commands often used by Linux sysadmins.

Below I’ve listed the 90 commands covered and links to each of the five posts in this series. Some of the commands listed include links to related articles. There are also thousands of commands available if we include downloadable software and scripts, such as bpytop (pictured below). However, for this article’s purpose, we will cover mostly Unix commands used on Linux by sysadmins and power users. If you find this page useful, let me know if you’d like to see similar posts in the future.

bpytop - Linux Commands frequently used by Linux Sysadmins
Pictured: bpytop – There are many system/server monitoring and network command-line tools available.

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