[Howto] Use wayland with propietary nvidia drivers

Wayland does not play well with proprietary drivers. Currently the biggest issue is that nvidia does currently not support Xwayland properly, so apps that require it get software rendering. This includes most games, which are the most common use case for proprietary nvidia drivers. This is why gnome automatically disables Wayland if you have nvidia. … Read more


安装驱动之前先卸载现在的驱动,否则很可能会冲突。 显示所有可安装的驱动: mhwd -l –pci 显示当前已安装驱动: mhwd -li –pci 卸载当前驱动: sudo mhwd -r pci [driver-name] 安装依赖: sudo pacman -S virtualgl lib32-virtualgl lib32-primus primus 安装nvidia闭源驱动与intel驱动混合版bumblebee: sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-430xx-bumblebee 启用bumblebeed服务: sudo systemctl enable bumblebeed 将用户添加到bumblebee组: sudo gpasswd -a $USER bumblebee 重启后遇到需要独立显卡的部分使用: optirun [appname]